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Se você é estudante universitário, domina o inglês e deseja passar um ano em Londres, talvez esta notícia lhe seja interessante.

A University College London está divulgando a oportunidade de estrangeiros participarem do seu programa de Cidadania Global. Trata-se de um programa multidisciplinar cuja descrição, fornecida pela UCL é basicamente a seguinte:

This multi-faculty undergraduate programme draws on UCL’s prestigious research-based teaching, in areas such as science studies, history, politics, media studies, sociology and geography, to enable students to understand citizenship both as a significant intellectual concern of our time, and as a programme of action that will empower them and make real changes for a better world.

The undergraduates on this programme visit UCL for a year, or part of a year, during which they take courses centred in science and technology studies and develop skills in global citizenship. The programme also includes a selection of courses from UCL’s departments of Politics, Anthropology, History and Geography among others.

Detalhes em http://www.ucl.ac.uk/sts/global-citizen.

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